We manage market-leading pools in all major segments. Standing together stronger we deliver reduced cost, constant optimization and higher earnings.

We’re in This Together

We believe in people and we believe in pools. Hafnia provides market-leading product tanker pools in all major segments that generate value for both ship owners and partners through scale and scope. We value long-term relationships and believe that in all market conditions, whether high or low, the key to success is conducting our business based on shared interest in a straightforward and personal way.

By pooling our resources, we increase the potential of what we can achieve for all our business partners. Through pools, we benefit from reduced cost, constant optimization and higher overall earnings; we stand together stronger.

When cooperating with us you benefit from our strong international presence and network, which includes shipowners, oil companies, commodity traders and industrial companies all over the world. With our modern fleet, strong commercial understanding and knowledgeable technical team, we support our customers with all their local as well as worldwide activities.

Ship Owner Benefits

Joining one of our market-leading pools creates considerable advantages for ship owners.

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