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Studio 30 50 Update 2024

Following Hafnia’s last update on Studio 30 50, which invited applicants to the second cohort of startups and co-founders seeking commercial scale in the maritime industry in 2024 – we are pleased to share an update from Studio 30 50’s second cohort. During January 2024, eight incredible individuals and founders took a deep dive into the exploration, discovery, idea generation and validation phase to refine their concepts prior to the Studio 30 50 “Demo Day” taking place in February 2024.


During “Demo Day”, our startups and founders pitched their ideas to an esteemed audience of maritime experts and investors across a unified theme of digitalization – with many of the solutions aimed at boosting operational efficiencies and bolstering risk management. From task optimization to knowledge augmentation and leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for scalability, the showcased solutions all promised transformative impact and great potential.


Shanker Pillai, Head of Studio 30 50 and Innovation at Hafnia said “The innovative ideas and creative solutions showcased offer promising prospects for the maritime industry’s future. Through their presentations, our founders and start-ups stand to secure vital funding and pursue Proof-of-Concept projects. The possibilities for digital transformation to enhance the industry are vast, and we eagerly anticipate collaborating with our partners throughout the value chain to explore these avenues.”


Hafnia thanks our core partners for their on-going collaboration and support, and the exceptional founders and startups who joined us during Demo Day to showcase their remarkable progress.

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