November 29, 2023ESGSpeaking Engagements

Raphaele Guenot: Panel Speaker at KPMG’s ESG, Tax and IFRS Workshop

Raphaele Guenot, Head of Executive Projects and ESG, participated as a panel speaker at KPMG’s Workshops on ESG, specifically during the ESG, Tax, and IFRS Workshop held at BW Offshore for all affiliates of the BW Group.

In her capacity as the lead for Hafnia on ESG-related matters, Raphaele engaged in a comprehensive discussion on various subjects during the panel session. She emphasized Hafnia’s commitment to decarbonization, highlighting strategic investments in low-carbon solutions, including Dual-fuel vessels (utilizing LNG, Methanol, and potentially Ammonia) and the Ascension Clean Energy (ACE) Project.

Among the topics addressed by Raphaele were the intricacies of ESG reporting, with a focus on the challenges arising from the diverse expectations of stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, investors, rating agencies, and authorities. Recognizing the difficulty in managing these diverse expectations, Raphaele expressed optimism regarding upcoming regulations that aim to standardize reporting requirements. She believes that such regulations will streamline the complexities and reduce the time demands associated with ESG reporting.

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