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Hafnia Shenzhen Performs Rescue Mission in North Atlantic Ocean

HAFNIA SHENZHEN (IMO: 9863223, MMSI 563108400) successfully completed a Rescue at Sea Mission on June 26, 2022, on voyage to New York.


Prior to her arrival during a loaded voyage, Hafnia Shenzhen was contacted by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) to respond to a request for assistance.


Damian Browne and rowing partner Fergus Farrell had set off from New York in mid-June on an unsupported row (Project Empower) to Galway, attempting to set a new Guinness world record aboard their purpose build Seasabre 6.2m vessel “ Cuschlamachree”. You can read more about their inspiring story here.


During the row, Mr. Farrell encountered medical difficulties and required extraction from their vessel as soon as possible.


Hafnia Shenzhen responded to the USCG´s request for assistance, promptly diverting from its voyage and safely bringing Mr. Farrell on board.


Captain Sanjay Karki together with crew members of Hafnia Shenzhen assessed and monitored Mr. Farrells condition aboard the vessels medical room, where it was decided that Mr. Farrell would remain until the vessel docked in New York. Mr. Farrell disembarked from the vessel in New York on the 28th of June, where he was then transferred to hospital for tests and a full assessment.


Hafnia wishes Mr. Farrell all the best in his recovery and congratulates Captain Sanjay Karki and the crew onboard Hafnia Shenzhen for their “rapid response, expertise and kindness in dealing with this situation as professionally and courteously as they did.” (Project Empower).


We are proud of the courage of the captain and crew who worked effectively in conducting the rescue mission, and in taking Mr. Farrell under their care.


We applaud our team’s commitment and dedication to always being the #BestonWater.

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