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Hafnia Debuts at the Danish Maritime Museum

Hafnia has officially made history, 13 years after its founding date – as we proudly unveil a ship model of the dual-fuel LR2 newbuild – the HAFNIA LANGUEDOC at the Danish Maritime Museum within their permanent exhibition “Ships in a Strip” (Skibe på stribe).


This marks a milestone achievement for Hafnia recognizing our growth and progress over the last decade, to which the entire organization is extremely proud.


Ships in a Strip” (opening in a private ceremony on the 5th of October 2023 in commemoration of the museum’s 10-year anniversary at their location in Elsinore, Denmark) displays ship models throughout time – to which Hafnia is prominently placed at the most recent end of the timeline – symbolizing both the museum’s newest model, and a newer, more innovation focused time in the maritime industry.


The HAFNIA LANGUEDOC vessel (and ship model) is a true testament to Hafnia’s commitment to the advancement of more modern and sustainable shipping solutions.


More details on the design specifications of the Hafnia Languedoc and its 3 sister vessels (2 of which will join the Hafnia fleet in 2023 and 2024), can be consulted in the “Newbuild LNG Additions to the Hafnia Fleet” press release.


On behalf of the team at Hafnia, CEO Mikael Skov expresses his excitement of this milestone. “We are honored to have one of our ship models displayed at the Danish Maritime Museum. Achieving recognition, embedded in a moment of history is not something we take lightly – and I am immensely proud of the hard work of the team and where we have come this far into our on-going journey.”


The exhibition will open to the public on the 9th of October 2023. The Hafnia Languedoc model alongside other monumental models on display will serve as an educational resource for years to come on the evolving landscape of maritime.


Hafnia thanks the Danish Maritime Museum as a prestigious institution dedicated to preserving and celebrating Denmark’s maritime heritage – for the opportunity and platform to showcase the achievements of our organization.  We also thank Guangzhou Shipyard International Company and Guangzhou Spright Supply Chain Management Co., for their collaboration and craftmanship of the construction of our newbuild vessels, as well as their respective ship models.

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