September 28, 2023Speaking Engagements

Hafnia at Copenhagen Business School

Jan Simon, VP, Digital & IT, and Jørgen Thuesen, VP, Technical, had the pleasure of visiting students enrolled in the International Shipping and Trade Bachelor at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) to present Hafnia and the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), ESG and Future Fuels.


Jørgen Thuesen, Technical, presented industry-specific environmental challenges, and measures shipowners must undergo to meet evolving regulations. This included carbon emission targets, and environmental laws, and touched upon what the landscape of future fuels look like.


Jan Simon shared insights on how Hafnia utilizes AI, Machine Learning, and Data to predict tendencies and help the company with various assignments that make the business more efficient. This was exemplified in how Hafnia used Co-Pilot for Microsoft Office 365 to assist and guide users through emails, data and streams, a Port Call Document BOT that gathers documents needed for port calls, and an NLM Chat Bot that enables automatic reporting on Datawarehouse data.


Hafnia thanks Copenhagen Business School for providing us with a platform to present our business and the maritime industry to its future decision-makers.

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