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Grow a Career Globally at Hafnia, with Opportunities to Transfer, Develop, and Relocate

They say we should never stop learning, and at Hafnia, the growth curve keeps on growing. There are many opportunities to switch things up, across different office locations, through rotations, team collaborations and transfers.


Today, we caught up with some of Hafnia’s finest – Adam Sum, Signe Ravn-Villtoft, and Smriti Arora to find out how changing their roles internally provided new learning experiences and the chance to experience other facets of the Hafnia world.

Adam Sum began his career at Hafnia, Singapore in the Claims Team and has since transferred to the Copenhagen office. While the role remains pretty much the same – the local working culture is different. Adam expands further,

“I have learnt and am still learning to adapt to an entirely different working culture, and this could prepare me for future opportunities in global roles.”

As working for Hafnia offers the opportunity to transfer and relocate, Adam explains the value that this provides to him as an employee,

“It means that the company values people and their professional development and are prepared to invest in the individual for the long term. It also provides life-enriching experiences abroad and allows for gaining perspectives in a different role while developing on a personal front as well.”


Signe Ravn-Villtoft, currently working in Chartering but having started her Hafnia journey as a Senior Manager in the Copenhagen LR Operations team. While both roles mean working towards the highest possible earnings for Hafnia and its Pool partners, Signe explains the difference between the two roles,

“The biggest difference between working in Operations and Chartering is the trading mindset and ability to execute and adapt in ever changing market conditions.”

The move into Chartering helped Signe to grow professionally, The move enabled me to add the commercial side to my CV and develop a more diverse profile”

This kind of professional development at Hafnia has helped Signe to reach further and excel within her day-to-day work, allowing her to widen the services Hafnia offers to its clients and identify new areas where further value can be added on their behalf.


Another Hafnia team member who has benefited from internal rotations and transfers is Smriti Arora, who works in Operations in Singapore. Smriti originally started in Crewing – also in the Singapore office. It’s clear she finds the heart of Hafnia is the same whatever role she works in,

“At Hafnia the similarity between departments is the people – the same caring, fun-loving people on both sides upholding our shared values.”

Though in the early stages of her transfer to Operations, Smriti is looking forward to the fresh challenges her new role will present. She is also keen to point out the transferable skills that her work with Crewing has equipped her with,

“I have the aptitude to face and handle a challenge by virtue of two tough years in Crewing during COVID times. I think this will certainly add value to my new role as well.”

Smriti is clearly satisfied by her work with Hafnia and is an advocate of what transferring teams and locations enables for her and her colleagues,

“I’m extremely proud to work at Hafnia. It is a company that lives by its value of “people first” through supporting transfers that ensure every employee’s learning curve and professional growth.”


With a focus on transferring employees to different teams and locations, Hafnia is ensuring a culture that values personal and professional growth, which at the same time seems like the best way to grow the company.

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