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Hafnia partners with both early-stage and mature start-ups to accelerate our problem statements to innovative solutions rapidly. We are part of various accelerators and we scout start-ups on a regular basis depending on our business needs. With early stage start-ups we assist in product validation and testing while with mature start-ups we are looking for conducting rapid POC’s and ability to scale up solutions.


We are always looking for new ideas

If you are a start-up active in maritime solving challenging problems, please reach out to us using the below form. We assure you, that all emails will be read and we will reach out if we see an internal fit to requirements.

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      Open Innovation

      E-Supply Delivery Note

      Mar 18 - 2021

      Hafnia is collaborating with SG Smart Tech Pte, Ltd. (SGST) to digitalise the Supply Delivery Note process in sea logistics. The Electronic Supply Delivery Note (eSDN), a project under the MPA-MINT Fund, is one of the first attempts in the world to digitalise the cumbersome process of obtaining delivery notes (DN), which must be duly stamped by the vessel whenever it receives supplies from supply boats. The current manual process of getting the stamped DN takes supplier/chandlers 7 to 15 days, causing delays in raising invoices. With our new application, DNs will be delivered to the supplier / chandler as soon as the goods are physically delivered. This will reduce the invoicing preparation time for the delivery and ease cashflows significantly. It will also lower operational costs as supply boats no longer need to wait alongside vessels to collect the signed DNs.

      The key part of this project is the 2- Factor Authentication, as physical stamping is replaced by Electronic stamping. The first authentication will be done when the goods leave the port terminal gates. This will be done through an integrated process, together with the Terminal Operator (another key collaborator in this project). The second stage will be done using SGST’s ShipAuth (patent pending) App installed in vessels’ computers which will validate the eSDNs. Throughout the authentication process, nowhere else other than the vessels can gain access to the eSDNs . The eSDNs will also carry the location and timestamp of vessels captured by the MPA’s Marine Data Hub when they receive the goods.

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      Digital Therapeutics for Seafarers

      Mar 15 - 2021

      Hafnia will partner with BodyGuide, an Australian health-tech startup on a mission to help people solve aches, pain, and tension by themselves. The mobile app, designed by a team of health professionals, provides area-specific exercise programmes focusing on education. It aims to empower users to manage their physical health proactively rather than getting treatments only after their problems become unbearable. Across the globe, pain affects 65% of the adult population weekly, and the maritime industry is no exception. Through our innovation programme, Hafnia will work closely with BodyGuide to support and care for our seafarers’ wellbeing.

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      Arq Fuel and Hafnia

      Oct 29 - 2020

      Arq, a UK-based energy technology company, and Oslo-listed Hafnia, one of the world’s leading product tanker owners and operators, have entered an agreement to accredit and introduce Arq Fuel™ as a key blend component for marine fuels, as part of their shared and ongoing commitment to decarbonisation. Arq has developed a novel and patented technology that transforms environmentally damaging coal waste into a micro-fine hydrocarbon powder (Arq Fuel). Arq Fuel™ has many valuable industrial uses, including being made into stable dispersions after blended with oil products. According to the partnership agreement, Hafnia will conduct trials using Arq Fuel™ on some of its vessels. For more information on the joint initiative, please visit

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      Adaptive Surface Technologies and Hafnia Partner for Vessel Testing Anti-Biofouling Marine Coating

      Sep 15 - 2020

      Hafnia will partner with Adaptive Surface Technologies, Inc. (AST), a Cambridge, MA-based industrial technology company that produces the SLIPS® line of materials and coatings used for a wide range of industrial, marine, and medical repellency applications, for on-vessel tests of its Foul Protect™ line of marine coatings.

      AST’s SLIPS® Foul Protect™ is an entirely new kind of marine bottom paint for vessels of all sizes, that solves the persistent problem of biofouling. It creates an ultra-smooth, slippery surface that deters attachment of hard fouling. Unlike many existing marine paints on the market today, SLIPS® Foul Protect™ does not contain any biocides and is environmentally friendly. Reducing drag through both the reduction of biofouling growth and the coatings’ smooth surface leads to the lowest fuel costs in operation and lowest carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

      Hafnia’s commitment to decarbonizing shipping via novel technology adoption makes it a natural partner for AST in what historically has been a conservative industry. AST was shortlisted through Rainmaking’s Decarbonizing Shipping innovation program; Hafnia was a launch partner for the program and AST was selected as a finalist through a competitive process. For more information Adaptive Surface Technologies and its products, please visit

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      Enhancing Safety & Security at Sea

      Jun 09 - 2020

      C-LOG is a Singapore based tech start-up with a mission to enhance the security, safety and wellbeing of seafarers. C-LOG strives for a new international maritime industry standard for seafarers’ identity and credentials. One that is transparent, secure and open. The new partnership between BW, Hafnia & C-LOG is focused on digital crew certificates and documents. The partnership aims to simplify the authentication of certificates, reduce workload for ship owners and managers through interfaces with crew management software and address various challenges with GDPR compliance.

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      Drone Delivery Coming Your Way

      Jun 09 - 2020

      Hafnia is currently running tests with drone service provider F-drones, to deliver goods to vessels anchored in Singapore. Once the test phase is completed, F-drones will enable Hafnia to rely less on the use of boats to deliver smaller loads to vessels, and thereby reduce CO2 emissions with every trip.

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      Fast and Affordable ESG Reporting for the Maritime Industry 

      Apr 08 - 2021

      Hafnia is partnering with Diginex Solutions, a world-leading, sustainability-focused Impact Tech company, to bolster the digital collection, management, and reporting of our Environmental, Social, and Governmental (ESG) data.

      Diginex Solution´s latest tool, DiginexESG, is the first blockchain-enabled and globally accredited SaaS solution that improves the tracking and reporting processes of ESG data by up to 6 times faster and 90% cheaper than existing tools. Leveraging this revolutionary software, our partnership will focus on building a unique solution tailored to the maritime industry, with a goal of setting a new standard of excellence in sustainability reporting in the sector.

      The two companies will kick-off this partnership with two key workstreams:

      • Development of a specific maritime ESG framework: Both companies will start by conducting a joint study of key disclosures relevant to the maritime industry, selecting from best-practice frameworks, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), Task Force on Climate-related Disclosures (TCFD) as well as bespoke indicators.
      • Digitisation and management of ESG data: the two companies will work together to digitise and automate ESG data management processes – creating opportunities to increase efficiency, transparency, and reliability of ESG efforts and data.

      Hafnia and Diginex Solutions will be releasing the new standards in DiginexESG with an aim to lead and welcome the maritime industry on the journey towards a more sustainable future. Interested parties please contact for more information.

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      Women in Maritime Lab

      Nov 27 - 2020

      Hafnia, the BW Group, and Shell have teamed up to launch an innovation programme called Women in Maritime Lab. This innovative, digital program aims to shed new light on the various challenges women face in the maritime industry, both onshore and offshore. These challenges include attracting and retaining women in a predominantly male sector, supporting their transition back from maternity leaves, encouraging workplace flexibilities that enable family caregiving, and shattering any glass ceilings that block women’s advancement to top positions in their organisations. Successful teams will undergo an Innovation Sprint session where they will further refine their ideas over the next few days. The three companies will select the best ideas and further develop them into a proof of concept (POC). If you are interested to find out more, please visit:

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      Partnership with Minerva Bunkering for Electronic Bunker Delivery Note

      Nov 15 - 2020

      Hafnia has entered a partnership with Minerva bunkering to pilot e-bunker delivery notes on Hafnia vessels. We launched the pilot programme in late 2020 by installing a hardware device on the MFM meters and enacting a cloud-based system to capture the bunkers statistics within minutes of delivery. Minerva has successfully launched another pilot programme in the Amsterdam-​Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) region in 2021.

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      Partnership with Wilhelmsen Ships Service and BW on 3D Printing of Vessel Spare Parts (Early Adopter Programme)

      Sep 17 - 2020

      Hafnia, alongside fellow BW Group companies, BW LNG, BW LPG, BW Dry Cargo and Epic Gas, has signed an agreement with Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) to develop 3D Printing capabilities. These capabilities will be used to produce spare parts and other essential shipboard items. This technology is especially suited for obsolete and long lead time spares, as once a 3D scan is obtained, the part can be printed using the material, or rather “ink” required.

      These 3D scans can be stored on a cloud server and parts printed whenever the need arises. We no longer need to incur costs to store the spare onboard, nor wait for spares with long lead times.

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      Hafnia’s participation in MPA’s MINT fund

      Aug 19 - 2020

      MPA’s $250 million Maritime Innovation and Technology (MINT) Fund was set up to develop Singapore as a centre of excellence for maritime R&D and technology solutions. In 2020, MPA and Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) have launched an open call for Joint/Collaborative Industry Projects (JIP) to encourage the technology community, maritime stakeholders and adjacent sectors to forge innovation partnerships.

      The program invites interested technology developers in collaboration with maritime stakeholders to submit proposals and lead the JIP execution. After careful evaluation among the partners who reached out to us, Hafnia has selected  to participate in four JIP categories under the MINT program, with start-ups and partners who are creating break-through solutions in Remote Inspection, Digitizing Ship Supplies as well as better Port Orchestration.

      Hafnia will provide time and resources to develop and test the prototypes and also look for wider applications of the technologies in our fleet.

      “We are excited to be part of this initiative from MPA and looking forward to what the partners will come up in the coming months. We have already started providing information and assisting certain early movers to validate their concepts with us in this regard”
      – Shanker Pillai

      More information here:

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      Hafnia & Rainmaking

      Jun 09 - 2020

      Hafnia was one of the early members of the Rainmaking Decarb Program. We feel aligning innovation with our sustainability goals is the best way to create tangible results for the maritime industry. As one of the largest product tanker companies in the world, Hafnia is uniquely positioned to make a difference in the decarbonization journey. Moreover, as part of Hafnia’s on-going focus on CO2 reduction, Hafnia has joined Rainmaking and more than ten other industry partners to collaborate on solutions to decarbonize the maritime industry. The ‘Trade with Impact’ program scouts thousands of start-ups active in the areas of sustainable innovation and runs pilots for promising ideas. In this way, we deliver on our promise to be a trusted partner for the businesses and communities we serve. You can find out more here:

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      Hafnia & MPA

      Jun 09 - 2020

      The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore is one of the leading catalysts for innovation in Asia. Hafnia is proud to be part of this circle of digital innovators known as the CDO Network. The CDO Network will work closely with the MPA to develop a roadmap that champions digital and innovation strategies within the organization. The network will also embark on digitalization and innovation projects with students, start-ups, maritime technology companies, and the wider R&D community, as well as enable digital and workforce transformation within the organization.

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