Hafnia believes in the importance of understanding the role we can play in sustainable practices in maritime energy transportation. By having a clear approach and strong management commitment to Sustainability, we are confident that Hafnia can become a better company in a better world.

Our Goals

Our greatest concern is to ensure sustainable development through the safe and responsible transportation of hydrocarbons. For this reason, we have set ourselves specific targets in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Here’s what Hafnia is doing to reach four of these important goals:


UNSDG #3: Good Health and Wellbeing

Promoting health and wellbeing is essential to sustainable development. At Hafnia, we ensure the health of all our people so that we can run our organization effectively for the benefit of all our stakeholders and the world at large through:

Zero Harm

An organization-wide safety campaign aiming to ensure the safety of all employees.

Security at Sea

A fleet-wide initiative to ensure the security of all our people in the face of  piracy, especially at High-Risk Areas (HRAs).

Hafnia Wellness Program

An initiative to promote the physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing  of our staff.

Labor competency

A policy to ensure our people are trained and educated ensuring they are competent at work.

UNSDG #8: Decent work & Economic Growth

Creating a level playing field within the workplace and opportunities for career development support social and economic growth. Hafnia commits to providing decent work and supporting economic growth through:

Job Training & Partnerships

We provide opportunities for career and personal development that create organizational growth.

Cadet Program

We offer complete training for a successful career at sea.

Digital, Bunkering and Chartering Traineeships

We offer  traineeships with a focus on providing young talents with an educational foundation in technology, bunkering and chartering.

UNSDG #13: Climate Action

The effects of climate change are felt globally. It disrupts lives, communities and economies and will continue to do so unless we play our part in reducing our impact on the environment. At Hafnia we are committed to climate action by:

Reducing our emissions

We allocate significant resources to achieve greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. 

Crisis Preparation

Hafnia has a fully formed emergency action plan in the event of a major crisis at sea.

Compliance and Regulation

We have dedicated teams overseeing our compliance with all international regulations including emissions to air and sea, and we are well prepared for upcoming regulations such as IMO2020, and EU’s CO2 MRV regulation.

Participation in industry groups

Hafnia steers positive change for the environment at the industry level through participation in groups such as WorkGroup 5, and membership in governmental think tanks.

UNSDG#16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Promoting a strong sense of integrity through our work at Hafnia contributes to creating peaceful and inclusive societies with provision of justice for all and institutions that can be held to account. We do this through:

Zero Tolerance for Bribery & Corruption

Our employees are instructed to refuse any offers of bribery and corruption and to report them.

Membership of Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN)

We are active members of MACN – a global network tackling corruption in the maritime industry.

Secure supply of hydrocarbons globally

We take a front row seat in the reliable supply of hydrocarbons to increase global stability.

Our Initiatives

Addressing our concerns about sustainability means that we take action. Hafnia’s sustainability initiatives directly address our sustainability goals and are developed to complement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Read about our initiatives

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