We manage market-leading pools in all major segments. Standing together stronger we deliver reduced cost, constant optimization and higher earnings.

Ship Owner Benefits

Joining one of our market-leading pools creates considerable advantages for ship owners. The sheer size of our pools increases cost efficiency, optimization and profitability. With a dedicated team of efficient and innovative shipping people covering all time zones we are ready and able to effectively service all markets while at the same time offer the best possible and most flexible service and solutions to our customers and partners. At all times.

We Are Ship Owners Too

We are ship owners ourselves, so we understand where you are coming from. Our main goal is to optimize your vessel’s employment while keeping expenses low. That is why we offer some of the most competitive pool fees in the market.
We take a long-term approach to our customers, which means a more sustainable approach to business. Our long-standing business experience as ship owners means you can be sure we will make the best deal on your behalf.

Scale and Scope

Our pools have a broad-ranging footprint across the entire world. As a ship owner this means your vessels become more relevant to the customer and benefit from constant transactions and steady cash flow. We stand together stronger.

As the global oil industry becomes more and more specialized and the demand for complex services and logistics solutions increases, Hafnia’s size and wide-ranging presence enables our pool partners to be more relevant to customers and ultimately more profitable. The breadth of our fleet puts us all in a unique position to benefit from peaks in the market wherever they are happening and keeps us in close proximity to every customer out there. By utilizing the extensive data we are able to collect, we can better position our fleet and optimize the time that vessels are at sea with cargo – resulting in top of the segment freight earnings.

Highly Skilled Team

Hafnia has one of the most experienced teams in the industry with excellent personal relationships to customers always ready to make sure our pools are optimized. We take pride in forging meaningful, long-term business relationships and are committed to transparency. We are passionate about our work and always interested in hearing new ideas to optimize our pools and the way we do business. With a can-do attitude and extensive knowledge you can always expect us to explore alternative solutions to optimize our customers’ and partners’ results.

Superior Earnings / Keeping it LEAN

When cooperating with Hafnia you get superior earnings. We keep our organization LEAN and our business model fair and transparent. As an example, we are one of the only pool operators that across all segments base our fee structure on net earnings instead of gross freight commissions. Our primary interest is to maximize revenue and minimize voyage costs for our vessel owners. We don’t take commission on your expenses but only from your earnings. When you make more we make more. As we said – we’re in this together.

We Go for Win-Win

We take active ownership in matters that affect and optimze your earnings. In doing so we try to do a little extra for our clients. Some of the unique benefits that distinguish us in the market are hull cleanings, propeller polishes and oil major approvals – at Hafnia we will pay for and take care of all this for you. If it’s good for you it’s good for us too.

Strong Commercial Mindset, Strong on Safety

We apply our competence and experience in commercial management and operations to bring hydrocarbons safely and responsibly to world markets. We aim to provide the best value services in our industry through outstanding operating efficiency – while always keeping safety at the top of our agenda. We provide an integrated service where commercial, operations and fleet management work closely together to create the best customer experience. Our vessels are deployed worldwide on both short-term and long-term charters. Every day we track your vessel’s performance and collect data that we make available to you via our online platform. This means you can follow your vessel’s earnings on a regular basis.

Diversity Means Business

Hafnia is a diverse organization. With both European and Asian heritage, we have a unique position in the market that benefits all our partners and stakeholders. We know how to do business wherever in the world we need to. Our experienced experts on the ground know exactly who to deal with and how to deal with them. It’s our legacy as an industry heavy weight and our go-getter attitude that sets us apart. For us, shipping is not business, it’s personal.

Our Services at a Glance

As a market-leading pool within all segments, Hafnia is a dedicated and reliable provider of services regarding both spot market, contracts of affreightment and time charter employment.

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