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Shanker Pillai: Speaker at 2022 ESG Summit

August 12 - 2022

Shanker Pillai, Head of Innovation & change at Hafnia was a speaker at the Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Summit, held in Sydney on the 3-4 of August 2022.


Together with other renowned speakers deriving from a broad range of industries (such as Engineering, Real Estate, Financial services, Consulting, Legal, Technology and Maritime), Shanker spoke across the topics of innovation and ventures in relation to ESG.


Shanker discussed the role of innovation and creating new ventures in solving ESG challenges and how a partnership approach can result in scalable solutions in the industry. During the conference, other areas that were explored was the integration of climate risk to financial reporting practices and the increasing amount of litigation against corporate who are allegedly greenwashing. Speakers also explored the importance of ESG within corporate governance aspects.

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