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Post Covid, Hafnia makes the Move to Enable Shore Leave

Hafnia is pleased to announce that after a long awaited Covid-19 restricted period, our seafaring teams are now enabled to step onshore during their voyages. 

During Covid lockdowns, strict measures included implementing ship and port restrictions for crews temporarily departing from ships during port calls.

Hafnia has been continuously monitoring regulations, and as the restrictions have eased, our full crew (who have been vaccinated against Covid-19), are now able to utilize shore leave. At Hafnia, we believe Shore Leave is crucial in maintaining the mental health and wellbeing of our crew, who promote Hafnia’s Best on Water standing in the market.

We are happy to report that Crews onboard BW Galatea and BW Thalassa have been onshore at Amsterdam and Singapore, restoring some normalcy to voyages post Covid.

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