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Mikael Skov & Hafnia Win Outstanding Leadership Award 2021/2022

Hafnia and its Chief Executive Officer Mikael Skov has been awarded the Outstanding Leadership Award at Riviera Maritime Media’s inaugural Chemical and Product Tanker Conference.

During the two-day conference, an opening award ceremony recognized Mikael Skov as an esteemed individual exemplifying outstanding leadership and setting industry standards in the chemical and product tanker shipping trade.  This accolade recognizes Mikael Skov’s leadership and record as Chief Executive, having co-founded newly established product tanker company via a merger of Hafnia Tankers and BW Tankers in 2020.

Hafnia with Mikael’s leadership has been congratulated as being at the forefront of the move to decarbonize the product tanker sector and for its initiatives in planning new fuel for its next ships. These efforts include the engagement of Guangzhou Shipyard International to build two Hafnia LNG-powered LR2 tankers, allocated to Total on a long-term charter basis. Each tanker will be 250-m long with 12 cargo tanks, enabling a carrying capacity of 110,000 dwt/133,500 m3. Each tanker features an LNG fuel capacity of 3,600 m3, giving a range of 13,500 nautical miles when sailing on LNG at 14 knots. These ships exemplify Hafnia’s strategy to support and promote industry decarbonization, whilst still transporting necessary world resources, and utilizing LNG as the bridge fuel the shipping industry needs in transitioning to lower carbon emissions.

Hafnia has also been commended for its strong efforts in People and Company Culture, propelling Hafnia as a leader in attracting and retaining talented individuals.

Riviera additionally recognize Hafnia as a driving force in the consolidation of the product tanker industry via its acquisition of a modern fleet of 32 fuel efficient IMO II tankers, after entering into a share purchase agreement to acquire all outstanding shares in Chemical Tankers Inc, flagged at the end of 2021 prior to the acquisition of Scorpio Tankers LR1 Fleet. With these acquisitions, Hafnia adds 44 vessels to its fleet, that are all compliant with the Energy Efficiency eXisting ship Index (EEXI) requirements entering into force in 2023.

Riviera Maritime Media’s first Chemical & Product Tanker Conference is a focused chemical and product tanker conference complementing Riviera’s well-established annual Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference. Attended by industry leading vessel operators, charterers, regulators, class, and supply chain members etc., the 2022 conference covered developments in rules, routes, technologies, fuels, infrastructure, and ship designs.

Hafnia congratulates Mikael Skov and his outstanding team for their excellent performance and dedication in becoming industry trailblazers.

For further details on this award, please follow this link:
Riviera – Events – Chemical & Product Tanker Conference (

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