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Made for the Maritime Industry

Talented people are the key to any company’s success – but talented people with unique passion and insights are what sets Hafnia’s apart from others. One of these individuals is Kathrine Post Lange, a Hafnia Operations Manager and an ambassador to the organisation, “Women in Shipping.”

Kathrine started off as a trainee at Hafnia in 2016, but her desire to work in the maritime industry goes back to a young age.

“Growing up, I have heard a lot about the maritime industry, and I always found it interesting that this industry is based on a unique combination of skills and social relations. I actually wanted to work in shipping since I was 13 years old. Having worked in the industry for five years by now, I am still confident it was the right choice for me.”

While the maritime industry as a whole has been the right fit for Kathrine, so too has her choice in the company, as she has felt at home with Hafnia since the beginning.

“I felt Hafnia was more interested in me as a person and what I could bring to the company during the interview, rather than who I was on paper,” she recalls. Kathrine moved to Hafnia’s LR operations team in 2018, where she has been responsible for operating Long Range tanker vessels across the world. “Hafnia has a unique family-like culture, where we encourage each other to grow together as teams and individuals. We are a tight-knit group of people who bring the best out of each other.”

Nevertheless, even after knowing the maritime industry was the place for her for years, it still managed to surprise Kathrine.

“When I started my career, I was surprised by how many different positions one can work in within the industry. From the outside, shipping seems straightforward. However, I find it motivating knowing you can get involved in many different projects across many departments, all within the same company.”

As Kathrine explains, such breadth and variety within the industry have lent to the opportunity for continuous discovery and improvement. “I am learning something new in my job every day. Recently, I have started focusing much more on prioritising my tasks to ensure I perform my best on projects that are the most important and where my contribution has the most significant impact.”

Beyond being an exceptional talent, Kathrine also brings unique knowledge and insights to Hafnia as an ambassador for “Women in Shipping” (WIS). “WIS is a professional network for women in shipping. Two inspirational women initiated the organisation with a desire to strengthen women and achieve more diversity and equality in the industry. I am honoured to volunteer as a WIS ambassador with WIS Denmark.”

As a passionate, active, and ambitious member of the maritime industry, Kathrine offers valuable advice to those who may want to follow in her footsteps.

“Research the different companies within the industry, speak to the people there, and go for the ones that fit your professional goals and personality best. You are going to spend a lot of hours with the people in the organisation, so it definitely helps that you feel calm and secure in the working environment in order to ensure the best growth and start to your career.”

While Kathrine focuses on strengthening her competencies in areas where she can make the most impact, she also remains open to taking her career in other directions within Hafnia. “Currently, there are a lot of opportunities within operations. However, I have not locked my focus to one position only. I would rather develop my career through various positions and projects where I believe I can add the most value to the company and see where that takes me. My next adventure  will be in Hafnia’s Houston office where I will be relocating in November 2021. I am currently in the final steps getting my visa approved.”

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