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Hafnia Participates in Pareto Securities' 29th Annual Energy Conference

Represented by Hafnia CEO Mikael Skov and Head of Investor Relations Thomas Andersen, Hafnia participated in Pareto Securities’ 29th Annual Energy Conference.


In its 29th year, the 2022 edition focused on energy security, the outlook for commodity prices and the vast opportunities as the energy transition plays out, – also providing a meeting space to discuss near and long-term solutions to the energy crises.


Attended by top industry leaders, the investor community and political delegates, the objective of the conference aims at gathering stakeholders from traditional oil and gas companies to renewable energy developers and producers, as well as connected sectors like batteries and hydrogen. It is the largest of its kind in Europe with over 2000 people in attendance.


Over 160 companies presented themselves at the conference, which included panel debates and analyst presentations.  Mikael Skov presented an overview of Hafnia, the product and chemical tanker market and Hafnia’s recent quarterly results.


During his presentation, Mikael also highlighted the industries abilities of newbuilds and its relation to the market in the coming years, and its impact on supply.


Selected clients of Pareto Securities had the possibility to book 1-1 meetings with the presenting companies, to which Hafnia has had the pleasure of discussing Hafnia and the oil product and chemical shipping market with top investor names.

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