June 9, 2020General Business News

Hafnia joins the other partners to kick start the rainmaking program selection days

Hafnia along with other partners kicked-off the selection days at the rainmaking decarb program the first week of June. The program has identified 61 start-ups across port optimisation, carbon tracking & offsetting, fuel efficiency and infrastructure domains after scouting close to 1200 + start-ups across the world. The start-ups were invited to an online pitch and presentation session, where the partners engaged in Q&A activities with the various start-ups.

Hafnia has shortlisted to meet 14 different start-ups and was part of the other pitches as well which gave us a very good understanding of the maritime start-up community solving challenges across decarbonisation.  The next steps involve, meeting the start-ups to understand the value proposition better. We will also be in conversations with some of the partners to explore potential areas of collaboration.

More information can be found here.

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