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Hafnia Crewing Conference – Split, Croatia 2024

Hafnia is proud to have held one of its annual crewing conferences, taking place in Split, Croatia, from March 18th to 20th, 2024. Hosted in collaboration with OSM-Thome, the conference for the first time combined Hafnia’s in-house crew with its technically outsourced crew, underlining the theme “COLLABORATION – Working together as ONE TEAM.”


With a total of 113 participants, comprising onshore staff members and seafarers hailing from diverse corners of the globe, the conference organized by OSM-Thome served as a platform for fostering knowledge exchange, cultural sharing, and collaborative problem-solving. OSM-Thome’s meticulous planning and execution ensured a seamless experience for all attendees, highlighting their dedication to facilitating meaningful engagement. Embracing Hafnia’s CARE values and vision to excel on water, the event additionally spotlighted the importance of collective efforts in ensuring safety, efficiency, and sustainability in the maritime domain.


The seminar kicked off with an address by Mikkel Boesen, Head of the TECOS Fleet, who provided invaluable insights into the organization’s growth trajectory and future endeavors. This set the stage for a series of engaging sessions, featuring speakers from both Hafnia and OSM-Thome, delving into crucial topics such as crewing, cyber security, safety, vetting, and operational matters.


Furthermore, from Hafnia’s ongoing collaboration with the Regional Maritime University in Ghana – 15 new cadets from Ghana, additionally attended to actively engage in discussions and workshops, epitomizing the spirit of collaboration and inclusivity driving the industry forward from a full pipeline perspective.


The event included a gala dinner, where the full Hafnia and OSM-Thome team were able to network outside of the formal working sessions.


We thank and congratulate all delegates who attended and contributed their knowledge-sharing in promoting safety, efficiency, and professionalism aboard Hafnia vessels.

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