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Hafnia Commemorates Inaugural Women in Maritime Day 2022

Hafnia today honors the International Maritime Organizations (IMO) inaugural International Day for Women in Maritime.

Recognizing our wonderfully diverse team, and the remarkable women we work with, on shore, and at sea, we are proud of our active voice in the industry, setting diversity and inclusion as a crucial business imperative that is high on our agenda. Within a historically male-dominated industry, Hafnia takes pride every day, in its exemplary efforts to help the industry evolve, and support our workforce in helping women in achieving stronger representation within shipping.

Hafnia´s commitment in promoting diversity and includes a goal with concerted efforts, on having women account for at least 40 % of the workforce on shore by 2024, setting an industry example. We continually monitor salary ratios between men and women to eliminate any differences. We are very excited to also be identifying projects, to help support and improve the experience of women working at sea, hence encouraging more women into the industry.

As a committed signatory of the Charter for more Women in Shipping, we are also proud to have recently become a member of the Diversity Study Group. The Diversity Study Group is a confidential interactive digital business intelligence platform for equality, diversity and inclusion assessments, benchmarking reporting and strategy development. Through this program, we access data to measure efforts and monitor progress. We can also work with a forum to discuss views, developments, and challenges, working with the industry to solve the challenge.

We are very proud to have co-created with Shell, a program for solving some of the challenges faced by women in the maritime industry, called Women in Maritime Labs. The program shortlisted ideas from 50 participants, across the maritime industry, and promised to create tangible digital solutions to solve some of these issues. The winning idea was SeaCode, which is an online platform for seafarers of all genders in the maritime industry, who face difficult situations at work, such as harassment, discrimination, and mental health struggles. The platform enables experience exchange, to shine light on the realities that people experience. This tangibly enables us to take firm actions on the challenges faced in the industry and dispel misperceptions about life in the sector.
Via this initiative, we hope to improve working conditions, foster a transparent culture, and continue attracting the very best talent in an inclusive and diverse work environment.

Hafnia is proud of our entire workforce, who lead in exerting positive pressure on the industry, furthering our ambitious and necessary diversity goals.

For further details on the International Maritime Organization and this inaugural day, – please follow this link.

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