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Hafnia Commemorates Earth Day 2024

Aligned with Hafnia’s dedication to preserving and safeguarding the environment in which we operate in – Hafnia in acknowledgment of Earth Day 2024 collaborated with Livvy Drake from Sustainable Sidekicks to develop a webinar learning tool for employees onshore and at sea.


The Hafnia and Sustainable Sidekicks learning session (aimed at educating team members about individual actions that preserve and protect the environment) – covered insights across climate change, pollution, deforestation, and biodiversity loss. The session also offered valuable tips and advice to employees on fostering positive habits across key areas such as energy conservation, food consumption, leisure travel, plastic usage, and waste management.


Earth Day, annually observed on April 22nd, is a globally recognized event dedicated to promoting environmental protection, encouraging individuals to adopt eco-friendly behaviours consistently and in the long term. Earth Day particularly advocates practices like recycling, waste reduction, energy and water conservation, utilization of renewable resources, and support for environmentally friendly products and initiatives.


Following the learning sessions, the Hafnia team was encouraged to make a pledge to reduce their carbon footprint as individuals.


To further enhance employee awareness, thanks to our partners at ZeroNorth, environmental conversation cards have been distributed in communal spaces across Hafnia’s offices and vessels. These conversation cards aim to facilitate discussions and encourage further reflection on our company’s environmental footprint.


Hafnia thanks Sustainable SideKicks for the valuable insights tailored to the business and individuals of Hafnia and to ZeroNorth for their Earth Day Employee and Office Toolkit.

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