September 20, 2023ESGEvents

Hafnia and World-Clean Up Day 2023

Aligned with Hafnia’s commitment to preserving and protecting the environment we operate in – Hafnia across its key offices participated in World Clean Up Day 2023.

World Clean-Up Day 2023 is a worldwide initiative that unites millions of volunteers, governments, and organizations worldwide. Over 197 countries participate in an aim to tackle globally mismanaged waste to help create a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

Via coordinated efforts across Singapore, Copenhagen, Houston, India, and Dubai, taking place in the second half of September, employees worldwide came together in a collective effort to combat waste to promote a cleaner planet.

Hafnia’s Head of ESG and Executive Projects Raphaele Guenot says “At Hafnia, we recognize our industry has a significant role in preserving the environment. Participating in World Clean Up Day is in line with our collective actions, where this time we are encouraging our employees to actively engage with their communities to make a tangible difference.”

Each Hafnia office tailored its efforts with exercises to drive awareness exercises on the importance of waste management. Families and friends joined in – and teams made a fun day out of it with close to 100 volunteers worldwide.

In Singapore, employees partnered with Singaporean NGO Seven Clean Seas and focused on cleaning up coastal areas in a zero-waste beach clean-up.

The Copenhagen office partnered with the Hellerup Sailing Club to clean up trash in the local municipality along the coastal line, local parks, and areas in which the wind effectively” traps garbage from the sea e.g., hedges close to the beaches.

The Houston office picked up trash along the Buffalo Bayou, which flows through the city of Houston and out into the Houston Ship Channel, into the Gulf of Mexico.

Hafnia Dubai collaborated on a project with “Project Rise”, an organizer of the World Clean-Up Day involved in e-waste collection. As part of this project, Project Rise collects and disposes of materials like old computer equipment that can often end up disposed of in the wrong places in authorized landfills for biohazard waste.

Hafnia India partnered with Project Mumbai in a beach cleanup session at Mahim Beach.

Almost 50 Hafnia seafarers, families, and onshore staff participated. Project Mumbai additionally provided an educational talk on the importance of reducing plastic waste and proper waste disposal and the harmful effects that plastic can have on marine life.


We are pleased to have participated in World Clean Up Day 2023 as a testament to our dedication to environmental sustainability and collective action in the fight against pollution and environmental degradation. Thank you to all of our teams who participated – and we look forward to World-Clean Up Day 2024!

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