July 28, 2022Speaking Engagements

Clint Bout: Speaker on SIRE 2 – The Expectation, Change and Impact

Clint Bout, head of Marine at Hafnia was a renowned speaker on the webinar entitled SIRE 2 –THE EXPECTATION, THE CHANGE AND THE IMPACT.


Hosted by the Singapore Nautical Institute, the webinar included guest speakers from Hafnia, Emirates Oil Company and AMPOL. Over 650 delegates were in attendance, which included Seafarers, Commercial operators (Operations & Chartering), Sire inspectors, Superintendents from various Technical Management teams in the industry, OCIMF  members and members from various training institutes.

SIRE (Ship Inspection Report Programme) introduced in 1993 by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), is a program that has helped to support continuous improvement in the safety of the marine industry by providing a robust tanker risk assessment tool and vessel inspection report database.

In the last quarter of 2022, OCIMF are set to implement SIRE 2, which will bring about major change to the vetting inspections process, impacting vessel operators, crew onboard, inspectors, charterers and the OCIMF members participating in the programme.

SIRE 2.0, will more accurately report on the quality of a vessel and its crew (on an ongoing basis) and indicate future likely performance, using enhanced tools, strengthened governance processes and more in-depth reporting outcomes, following a risk-based approach.

Clint Bout was selected as a speaker to discuss the upcoming regime and Hafnia’s approach towards transitioning towards Sire 2.0 from an operator’s point of view.

During his presentation, Clint discussed specifically the review of the 2.0 SIRE library and supporting documents, the use of comparative analyses documents to understand the gaps between SIRE 2.0 and VIQ 7, understanding the process and changes in the SIRE structure, its delivery method and reviewing Hafnia’s existing risk management practices. He also discussed the carrying out of a gap analysis between SIRE 2.0, and the Company’s SMS and TMSA. He also commented on how Hafnia would then assess needs and allocate resources to educate and train all ships and office staff in this transition and the company road map towards this transition.

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