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Capt. Rohit Minocha wins Flagship Award at Mission to Seafarers Annual Awards 2022

Hafnia is very proud to announce that Captain Rohit Minocha has won the Seafarer of the Year Award at the Mission to Seafarers Annual awards.


The Seafarer of the Year award is awarded to a nominated Seafarer who has made a significant contribution to welfare at sea.


Nominated by Hafnia, Captain Rohit Minocha has been described by onshore and seafaring teams at Hafnia as “in the business of collecting smiles” and lives by the motto “teamwork makes the dream work”. He is recognized by Hafnia for his efforts towards high performing voyages and ships aligning with Hafnia’s strategy of “People First”, where Captain Rohit Minocha prioritizes the utmost care for crew welfare and high moral on board to ensure the safety of life, cargo, and the marine environment.


Congratulations to Captain Minocha!

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