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A strong culture and a greener agenda will be crucial for attracting new talent to the product tanker industry

The product tanker industry is not necessarily known for its green agenda. It is an industry often perceived as conservative, and unless you are working within the field it can be difficult to understand how the industry can and is changing.

But it has become increasingly clear that the product tanker industry is in a challenging position. The very nature of the business – shipping fossil fuels – is in question, and companies are having to look elsewhere to find inspiration and know-how to reinvent themselves for the coming decades.

As is the case with any changing industry, those who are willing to act swiftly and adapt their operations will have a significant edge heading into the new era.

Hafnia believes that a strong internal culture can help the company adapt to changing times: preparing it for a greener future.


Culture as a tool to attract talent

But how do you attract young talent to an industry that carries fossil fuels?

A strong culture is the core of a company. It provides guidance and stability in everyday work situations but is also an increasingly vital tool to attract new talent. This is particularly important for the industry at-large, not just Hafnia, to attract the right people necessary for smooth decarbonisation and general sustainability journeys.


An outsider’s point-of-view is crucial

Attracting new talent is essential, but it is only part of the solution. In order for the industry to reinvent itself, it needs an outsider’s point of view. That means not only must it attract shipping professionals but also people from other industries. But, as mentioned before, the product tanker industry is often perceived as conservative. With a perceived agenda that goes against what many young people believe in, it can be hard to find talent outside of the industry.



A unique opportunity to become the change you want to see

The solution lies in the industry’s ability to promote itself. The product tanker industry needs to get better at explaining what makes the business attractive. An excellent way to do so is by participating in university and wider business fairs more actively. With further restrictions around CO2 emissions coming in in 2030 and 2050, the work to reinvent how goods are transported is only just beginning. Radical changes to how the industry operates will have to be considered for its survival. It will have to evolve and move towards a greener future, but what that means precisely is where the unique opportunity for young professionals lies. The industry is currently primed for smart, ambitious young people who wish to contribute to the world.

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