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Made for the Maritime Industry

June 18 - 2021

Talented people are the key to any company’s success – but talented people with unique passion and insights are what sets Hafnia’s apart from…

A strong culture and a greener agenda will be crucial for attracting new talent to the product tanker industry

February 10 - 2021

The product tanker industry is not necessarily known for its green agenda. It is an industry often perceived as conservative, and unless you are…

Hafnia Pools: 2020 welcomed more pool members despite unwelcome times

December 18 - 2020

New partners and pools: Hafnia has recently welcomed Chemikalien See Transport, Dee4 Capital, OSG, XiHe, and Nisshin Shipping as full-fledged partners within the Hafnia…

Building a deliberate company culture in a large international company: the benefits of a people-first approach

December 01 - 2020

Hafnia believes that a strong company culture reduces bureaucracy and provides employees with more precise guidelines for how to act when faced with challenges…

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