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Remote Audits – A sign of the times or the way forward?

May 27 - 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant personal grief and despair for people all around the world – whether directly or indirectly affected. It has…

Three Steps for a Smooth Transition to IMO 2020: Preparation, Flexibility and Timing

May 08 - 2020

During late 2019, the maritime industry was gearing up to IMO 2020. The logistical complexity and financial repercussions were going to be huge. While…

How Hafnia Bunkers Is Rethinking the Industry and Providing Stability for Its Bunker Alliance

March 25 - 2020

In an industry that can change dramatically from day to day, Hafnia Bunkers navigates a hectic market with a clear vision. From its bunker…

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