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One of the key aspects of innovation is making sure everyone has a chance to take part. We do this through training sessions and communication channels.

Training & Workshops

Our one-day workshops are for anyone willing to take part regardless of their department or location. Employees are actively encouraged to suggest ideas and topics for the workshops to engage all individuals in the innovation process. Previous workshops have introduced topics such as “Design Thinking” and “Lean Start-Ups”. Moreover, participants get the opportunity to apply any learnings to actual situations within Hafnia’s day-to-day.

As a result of COVID-19 we have instigated virtual Miscrosoft Teams meetings, where every two weeks we run a one hour training session on a key innovation topic such as, “Effective Brainstorming Techniques” or “Rapid Prototyping”.


Our Microsoft Teams group (Innovation@Hafnia) is used for communicating the progress of our innovation activities, posting key dates and events as well as informing about other innovation activities in the maritime industry.

External communication: Our Linkedin page is used to communicate key innovation activities. We work with our external digital partner to ensure timely, effective communication through this channel.

“Innovation is a key to develop the company and the employees now as well for the future so we as always can be best on water.”

Jørgen Thuesen

VP - Head of new buildings

“I found innovation to be useful for me in provoking the way I think and work, and in discovering new challenges for me to overcome.”

Clara Jacobsen

Student IT

“I found innovation to be useful for me in gaining a new perspective for the potential that all employees could have to help us advance within the market to be Best on Water.”

Petrina Lau

People & Change

“Innovation is useful for me to adopt technology to automate processes, bring efficiency & transparency in how we communicate or do things”

Satendra Rana

Marine Superintendent


To add value for our customers and drive the maritime industry forward, Hafnia focuses on how we can innovate in all areas of our business. How can things be done differently? How can we find a better way?

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