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Open Innovation, Solutions Lab & Culture of Innovation


To add value for our customers and drive the maritime industry forward, Hafnia focuses on how we can innovate in all areas of our business. How can things be done differently? How can we find a better way?

Innovation runs deep within Hafnia’s DNA; as a company we have always thought ahead to try and streamline processes and challenge the status quo. It’s through innovation in all areas that we can make things better for our people at every level of the organization and the industry we serve.

We Live to Innovate

To stay at the forefront of the industry and benefit the maritime community, Hafnia set up its innovation department in early 2020. This department exists to elevate Hafnia into being one of the most innovative energy transportation providers in the world. The department is constantly looking for innovative ways to create value for our customers. There are three ways we instigate innovation and change.

Open Innovation

As the name suggests these are open partnerships where we welcome a broad range of interesting start-up companies –both early-stage and mature– to join forces on solving the major challenges faced by today’s maritime industry. We are committed to accelerating solutions both internally through partnerships and by membership of various accelerators.

Solutions Lab

The innovation department is constantly using rapid prototyping and lean experiments to bring new ideas to life quickly. We do this in partnership with our Digital & IT departments and we can now turn challenges into products and solutions quickly and effectively.

Culture of Innovation

The entrepreneurial spirit of Hafnia means that a culture of innovation runs right through our entire organization. We welcome ideas from all our people, and we believe in their ability. This means that our innovation efforts don’t exist in isolation but are run companywide. Through workshops and innovation training programs we ensure that our forward-thinking spirit thrives.

“The world we live in, is in constant change, but nobody knows our business as well as our own organization.
This is why Innovation and Change is also about changing the cultural mindset of our organization and take advantage of all the smart ideas and initiatives coming from the inside along with all the industry transforming trends.”

Mikael Skov

CEO | Hafnia

“Tackling some of the complex and ambiguous problems of today’s world requires us to think and act in new ways. We need a mindset shift to constantly experiment with new technologies and business models while ensuring that our people are also involved in this transformation”

Shanker Pillal

Head - Innovation & Change | Hafnia


Hafnia was one of the early members of the Rainmaking Decarb Program. We feel aligning innovation with our sustainability goals is the best way to create tangible results for the maritime industry.

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