Experience the benefits of our global, large-scale bunker services.

Reap the benefits

Experience global, large-scale bunker services

Hafnia Bunkers was established in 2016 with the purpose of creating and servicing a strong alliance of selected ship owners and operators. By standing together, we increase our overall leverage in the bunker market for your benefit through:

Economy of scale

Benefit from optimized pricing/services as a member of our purchasing alliance

100% transparency

Transparent brokering model with direct invoices from your provider including our simple $/MT fee

Extensive market presence

Take advantage of; pooling volumes, awareness of availability, arbitrage opportunities and market insights

Lower counterparty risk

Our credit rating agency evaluates the financial strength and governance of counterparties to avoid risk

Optimization of operator efficiency

Outsourced bunker management means you can reallocate resources elsewhere in your organization


Get the overview of your bunker management and performance with snapshot reports

Reduced costs

No need to hire own bunker purchaser, and significantly reduce ‘sunken costs’ such as admin, IT and subscriptions to market watch services.

Quality expertise and claims handling

Inhouse expertise and advice readily available on operational and technical issues. Full focus on fuel quality, compliant transactions and regulatory requirements such as 2020.

Compliances With 2020 Regulations

New sulphur regulations will be felt both operationally and commercially throughout the industry, well before implementation during 2020.

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